87,109375 (Strain: Kehilah Ajuz Dejani, to DAJANIA Or.Ar.)
Red Baron FA140/76-80 SWB840
Out of
Indra FA 121/68-74
Born 1981
Bred by
Bred by L & T Hedberg, Sweden
Color Grey
Owner Ingela Brinkefeldt /ArabHästHagen
Sweden FA125/81-86
Graded Mare ELITE at the age of 29, 2010-09-19 in Enköping!
Graded B (Class I) 38 points in earlier years. Height:156 cm.
Dam of 16 purebred Arabian foals.
87,109375% Crabbet (100% Old English).
WAHO trophy horse of Sweden 2010!
WAHO trophy brought to Galadriel and Ingela Brinkefeldt by Gustaf Uhlén, chairman of SAHF at the Swedish Nationals in Strängnäs 2011.
Swedish WAHO trophy 2010
Galadriel was graded "Mare ELITE" in Enköping 2010-09-19 at the age of 29. She has 16 offspring and they have together competed in: endurance, dressage, show jumping, driving and race. She also has two breeding stallions among her offsprings.
Galadriel in younger days.
1985 Galvano, bay, gelding
1986 Gilthoniel, chestnut, mare
1987 Ghaza, liver chestnut, mare
1988 Gershwin, chestnut, stallion
1989 Gabrielle, grey, mare
1990 Gimmick, chestnut, stallion
1992 Garish, grey, gelding
1994 Granosh, grey, gelding
1995 Gasha, grey, mare
1996 Geshira, grey, mare
1997 Goshia, grey, mare
1998 Gishindi, bay, mare
1999 Gadisha, grey, mare
2001 Grausho, grey, stallion
2002 Galal, chestnut, gelding
2005 Gabrielh, chestnut, stallion

Galadriel 2009 ©Anne Karlsson

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